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Ronaldo News: Ronaldo will win the Golden Boot at Euro 2020


Cristiano Ronaldo may have won the Golden Boot at Euro 2020 at the highest scoring level in the competition. However, defending champions Portugal were knocked out in the second round after beating Belgium 1-0 on 27 June 2021.

The Juventus striker scored two goals for Hungary, two for France and two for Germany. that’s five sentences in the group stage.

Czech Republic international Patrik Schick also has five goals at Euro 2020, but Ronaldo is ahead of Diogo Jota in scoring for Germany. So far as Ronaldo has been ruled out of this year’s competition, so has Schick saying goodbye to Euro 2020.

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The four time winners, including Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku, France’s Karim Benzema and Sweden’s Emil Forsberg, have all returned home.

This year’s competition has reached the semi finals, with three players scoring three goals in the semi finals, including England’s Raheem Sterling and Belgium’s Harry Kane and Kasper Dolberg.

It is an opportunity for one of these players to catch Ronaldo, or to top him in the number of goals scored in this year’s competition, since one or more of them will reach the final.

The semi final between Italy and Spain will be played on Tuesday, followed by the match between England and Denmark at Wembley on Sunday.

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